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Average Ages 10 - 16

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" My kids are 12 and 11 and they truly enjoyed the program. My 12 year old daughter took Fashion Design and Sewing for 4 weeks and made some amazing stuff. She was very proud of ger work and showed all of the relatives. "


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Creative Career Academy Courses


  • Fashion Illustration

  • Fashion Sewing

  • Portfolio Design

  • Software Training: Adobe Suites




Program Code: Fashion Design 


Short Term Enrollment:

8 - 12 week courses year round


Student Long Term Goals :

2 - 5 years study program


Average Age:

10 - 16 ( 8 - 9 welcome)

No adults classes for fashion

Upcoming Start Date:

Enroll Today! Call 404-721-4233

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, the student will be able to:



    Fundamental skills illustration, sewing, pattern making, computerized design, draping for a variety of different styles.

    Develop drawing skills to create ideas from original thought and design.

    Learning how to apply principles of fashion design from start to finish product. Create designs that are appealing and appropriate to the target market, established by strong researching skills.

 Learn how to create flats and portfolio work.

    Fashion Design skills using several software's (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) for rendering and compositing.

    Comprehension knowledge of History of Fashion and Fashion Terminology.

    Understanding of entrepreneurship skills for Fashion Design.

Academic Benefits are:



    Creative arts helps to build students self-esteem and craftsmanship while improving social skills, team skills, confidence, and independent study.

    Creative arts helps to build appreciation for different cultures and bridges gaps of diversity to build long lasting friendships.

    Increases cognitive skills, critical thinking, motor and language skills.

    Creative arts helps students to increase their problem solves skills and performance in other academic areas such as math and reading.

    Creative arts helps to improve students memory and helps students to build their concentration / listening skill, foster their creative thinking skills, and develop quantitative reasoning skills


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