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3D Animation Class

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Ages 10 - 16+ and Adults

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Virtual CAMP (youth)


Group Class


Youth & Adults

Private Lesson Online

Program Code: Digital Animation w/ VFX


Short Term Enrollment:

8 - 12 week courses year-round


Student Long Term Goals : 2 - 5 Years


Average Age: 10 - 16 and Adults

Course Held:


- Roswell, Ga (seasonal youth summer camps)

Upcoming Start Date: Enroll Today ! Call 404-721-4233

" Jessica is a patient and wonderful teacher. My 16 year old son has been in her computer animation classes since 5th grade. Through Jessica and her staff, he has learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of Maya animation and is beginning to work on rigging. We are excited that he will be ahead of most students with regard to 3-D animation when he enters college. "


A Kudzu Review

Watch Video Interviews from CCA Students: Click Here


  • 3D Animation & 3D Modeling

  • 3D Level Design for Games

  • 2D Animation

  • Visual Effects (VFX)

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Animate

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, the student will be able to:


By the end of this program, the student will be able to:


        Learn storytelling, storyboarding, animatics, pitching, and public speaking.

    Create 2D and 3D Characters for TV/ Film, Animation, and Game.

    Special Effects skills using several software's (Maya and Adobe Products, etc) for rendering, compositing, and video editing.

    Skills for cinematography and art direction.

    Create 3D modeling and animation assets, prototypes, and animation documentations.

    Learning how to apply principles of animation in 2d and 3d animation and in core concepts of drawing.


Academic Benefits are:



    Entrepreneurship skills for Animation, Video Games, and Films.

    Increases cognitive skills, critical thinking, motor and language skills.

    Creative arts helps students to increase their problem solves skills and performance in other academic areas such as math and reading.

    Creative arts helps to improve students memory and helps students to build their concentration / listening skill, foster their creative thinking skills, and develop quantitative reasoning skills


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