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Studies "Online"

2D Drawing Animation

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Private Lessons Online



Ages Available:


  • Kids/Teens:  10 - 17


  • Adult (18 +)



When Classes are Held:


  • Summer Months (June and July)


  • School Season: August - May




Online classes being offered online are:


  • Video Game Design: Using Autodesk Maya and Unity which covers how to create 3D Game Assets, Environments, Character Creation for Game Design.


  • 3D Animation: Using Autodesk Maya software for learning principles of animation skills for 3D Animation. Learn how to create 3D objects, apply textures, create 3d animation, and see how acting brings characters to life on the big screen!


  • Graphic Design : Learn the 4 principle of graphic design, color theory, learn how to create logos, t-shirt designs, and prototype designs


  • Digital Painting: Use Photoshop for create layouts for 2d characters and environments. Class includes topics about value scales, color theory, textures, and shading. Learn professional techniques for line art and shading for human and animal characters. (Note: This class will not cover manga /anime character).


  • 2D Flash Animation

    Is your child or teen interested in drawing and want to create a 2D Animations ? Great! this is the class for you. Students will be using "Adobe Flash CS" to get their drawing moving with 2D Animations. Learn 2d animations for humans and animals, and learn how to create backgrounds. (Note: Manga/Anime characters are not an option for this class).


  • Digital Film Making: Learn scriptwriting formatting, storyboarding, camera shots / angles, and video edit techniques. Software includes: GIMP, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop.


  • Fashion Illustration: This is a Digital Drawing Class online which the student will learn body construction, how to create croquis poses, create flats, and digital inking techniques. Textbook will be required. Student will use Adobe Suite software for class such as Adobe Illustration and/or Photoshop. Also, student must have a Wacom Tablet which parent will purchase outside of class. Wacom tablet is used to draw digitally in the computer. Examples: Click Here



How do you meet online for class ?


Teacher and student would use Desktop Sharing software to conduct class. Student will download Mikogo software for class which enables teacher to see and interact with the students computer for class.




Software for Class



When you register you will be sent the software instructions for installation. However, here are some of the software details that are for online classes.


  • Autodesk Maya (used for Game Design and 3D Animation courses) is free for students who are still in elementary/ middle / highschool. Free because you are still enrolled in school. After you register you will be sent an email of how to download the free software. If you are an adult wanting to take online classes there is a free 30 day trial, after which Autodesk has a subscription plan. In order for adults students to get Maya for free they must be enrolled in college.

  • Unity (used for Game Design) non-pro verion is free for students.


  • Mikogo (used for sharing desktop screens) if free for students on GUEST account


  • Adobe Suite softwares (example: Premiere Pro and Photoshop) are not free. Adobe offers free 7-day free trial, after which parents or adult students must sign up for a monthly subscription plan or buy full version. Adobe suites are used in a many of the online classes. 




CCA Private Lessons



$140/month (Private Lessons)

Ages 10 - 17


About: Includes meeting with a real instructor each

week for 1 hour/weekly for 1 course

of your choice. Lessons are recorded so

you can review the lesson you took

with the instructor.

Teacher student ratio 1:1 students online class.


Get a free 30 minutes lessons with a real professional

instructor to see if this will work for your child or teen.


Class Time:

Start 1 week after your enrollment!

Email us to schedule a day and time each week

for your child or teen for private lessons.


We meet 4 times out of each month and months that

have 5 weeks, that that extra 5th week is skipped

since its not covered in your payment cycle







Partnering School Groups & Organizations


Pre-Recorded Video Lessons


  • Students train anytime accessing

  • the videos online

  • Groups of 8 - 10 +

  • Contact us for a quote


Group Lessons with Instructor Online


  • 1-hour class each week with teacher online and your students

  • Groups of 8 - 10 +

  • Contact us for a quote for your school or organization




Times Available and Registration


Day's and times will depend on the season of the year, your timezone / country, and if there is current availability. Please contact us by emailing:


We are currently enrolling this month !


" Jessica is a patient and wonderful teacher. My 16 year old son has been in her computer animation classes since 5th grade. Through Jessica and her staff, he has learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of Maya animation and is beginning to work on rigging. We are excited that he will be ahead of most students with regard to 3-D animation when he enters college. "


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