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Creative Career Academy is

a Christian program that

3D Animation & 3D Modeling

for adults.

This is a 4 month (16 weeks) certificate program helps you to get prepared for future jobs, college entry, and portfolios. This is a non-accredited prep program for adult learners. A certificate of completion will be provided for each level successfully completed. This is not an educational credential. 


3D Animation & 3D Modeling Course - LEVEL 1: Absolute Beginner

Thursday's from 7:30 - 8:45 p.m EST (Zoom)

Sunday's  from 6:30 - 7:15  (Optional free session for Q & A, 45 minutes)

Access Syllabus: HERE

Description: Use software BLENDER & AUTODESK MAYA to learn 3D Animated & 3D Modeling skills. Includes learning how to animate characters for talking and mechanics. Also learning how to build in a 3D work spaces as a go-kart, train, and environments.

Tuition Info

16 weeks program (4 months)

  • $185/month (auto-pay)

  • Or, pay in full and get $100 off tuition

  • Sorry, no financial aid but try applying for PayPal Credit if you need help with payments. If you register with PayPal credit you will have to pay in full.

Level 1 registration: NOW OPEN

- Start date: January 21

- Duration: 4 months (16 classes)

Our # (404) 721- 4233

Frequently asked questions

Software and Hardware Requirements

We will be using the Educational Version of Autodesk Maya Spec Requirements:

Using Zoom for Group Class

Download ZOOM: After registration you will receive the link to access classes for Zoom

About the Teacher

Lead teacher is Jessica Murray and teacher assistant is Gavin Butler. Jessica has been teaching for 12 years. She teaches Animation, Game Design, Film Making, and Fashion Design, Computer Science, Programming. She has a Masters Degree in Education, Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation, and Associate Degree in Computer Science.

When are assignments due?

Deadlines for your weekly assignments are on Sunday at 11:30 P.M. EST Late points will be deducted if not turned in on time. If you have a habit of turning in assignments late this will affect you requesting a Letter Of Recommendation from us in the future because you have not shown that you can turn assignments in on time.

Can I get credit for the course? Are you accredited?

No we are not accredited. Our courses are for personal development only. We do provide a certificate of completion for each level passed. This is not an educational credential.

How much time should I plan to spend on my coursework?

This will vary person to person because it depends on how you grasps the lessons in Maya, your critical thinking skills, and your current level.

Typical schedule for a student?

Class is 1 hr 45 mins - During this time we will have a class lecture and video lessons for each student - Video lectures with Live-Teacher present so we can address in class any questions you have - Video will be given during class so students can work at his or her own pace. - Teacher will work with each student within the group to assist with questions. Free 45 min Q & A - Held every Sunday - Optional to attend - Go over any questions if you didn't complete the lesson in-class last session - No new material will be given, just Q & A time only On other days - If you didn't finish the in-class assignment then finish at your own convenience during the week. Assignment Due: - Sunday's at 11:30 pm EST - Put in your Dropbox Folder that is shared with the teacher

How is work graded?

Each assignment will be a either a "Pass", "Re-Try", or a "Fail" Pass Above Average (Points: 8 -10) - Above average - Professional entry-level work Pass Average (Points: 5 - 7) - Guidelines have been met, work is average - Excellent student level work Re-Try (Points: 2 - 4) - You only get 3 more day's additional day's on a re-try - Guidelines not met and work is lacking in key concepts - Guidelines are met, work is below average Fail (Points: 0 - 1) - No work submitted - Not sufficient for assignment

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