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Creative Career Academy

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You can partner with us the following ways:



  • We come to you!

    • Hire Creative Career Academy Instructor (CCA)

      • Contact us to see if we can come to your campus location.

      • Online schools needing to add our technology and design online classes to their class offerings

    • This will be great if you don't currently have teachers that have degrees related to creative art and design courses and wanted to implement CCA courses as soon as possible. We are ready to go!

    • Contact us for a quote.


  • Video Module Lessons:  Site license

    • Buy online site license(s) curriculum so that your students can take self-training online module video lessons for afterschool program, day school, summer camps, and adult classes.  Students login to CCA online and watch videos lessons at their own pace.

    • Contact us for a quote.



Why choose us?

Our courses have helped children and teenagers whom after taking our classes have went on to Art/Design/Technology colleges. We also have experience teaching adult classes for career prep training. Our courses can shape the next generation of tech savvy students who are looking for a path to explore their skills.



Partner with us:

Grades 2nd - 12th


  • Day Classes

  • Boy Scouts

  • Girl Scouts

  • Afterschool Programs

  • Summer Camps

  • Online Schools

  • Homeschool Groups

  • Boarding Schools

  • Library

  • Recreation Centers


Partner with us:

Adult Classes


  • Career Centers

  • Life Skill Centers

  • Online Schools

  • College Campus

  • Tutoring for design/technology




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